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Retailers & Distributors.

Stoke is stocked by the country’s finest watering holes; the very best cafes, bars, restaurants and pubs throughout Australasia. Just ask for it by name, and we’re sure your friendly bar-keep or waitperson will be back as quick as a flash with a frosted bottle of our hand-crafted beer. Should disaster strike and it becomes apparent you’ve mistakenly wandered into an establishment that doesn’t stock Stoke, you should strip off all your clothes, leap onto the table, and refuse to get down until they bring you a bottle of our famous brew.

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If you find more and more patrons are shedding their clothes, clambering on to tabletops, and crying out for ‘Stoke Beer’, it’s time to take action. With distributors throughout New Zealand and Australia it couldn’t be easier to give your customers what they want! Just drop us an email or give us a bell and before you know it your clientele will be seated and clothed like regular people.


Dan Murphy's
Local: 1300 72 33 88
International: +61 2 9324 0100

New Zealand

McCashin's Brewery
NZ +64 3 547 5357