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palaeo water sparkling

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palaeo water sparkling


Alcohol 0% (none)

Crystal clear and amongst the purest in the world, our Palaeo water comes from one of the oldest aquifers on earth, carbon dated to the glacial (or Palaeolithic) period some 14,000-26,000 years ago. More info

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On this day in history 14,000 years ago the final remnants of the planet’s last major glaciation were just retreating, and early humans were taking their first tentative steps upon the North American continent.

If critics and reviewers had been around in that day we’re sure they would have shouted from the rooftops about the quality and purity of their water, which is why we’ve plunged the depths of the earth, delving some 350m underground to unearth our famous Palaeo Water. It’s travelled through 35 layers of earth so we could encase it in glass for your enjoyment, still as fresh and invigorating as it was when the North Pacific sprung to life and began to flourish all those years ago.

Palaeo Water Stillmg/L
Bicarbonates 130
Calcium 25
Chloride 12
Iron 0.045
Manganese 7.6
Magnesium 0.91
Nitrate N 0.03
Potassium 0.73
Silica 25
Sodium 38
Sulphates 1.2
TDS (ppm) 180
Hardness 66
pH at source 8.2
Zinc 0.0046
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