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Ginger Beer

Lemon Lime & Bitters

Alcohol 0% (none)

Crisp and refreshing, with a compelling aroma unlike any other Lemon Lime & Bitters you’ll ever taste, this unique brew has been crafted using hand-squeezed lemons and limes and the perfect blend of natural spices. More info

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Lemon Lime & Bitters

There’s a relaxed air and a certain sense of self-confidence about a glass of Lemon Lime & Bitters, no doubt a throw-back to its roots in the West Indies, where cool cats lazed by the water’s edge of Trinidad & Trobago’s golden coastline sipping this most refreshing of beverages.

It’s a drink that’s been embraced by those of us in the Antipodes, with golfers throughout Australasia parking the cart and cracking open a bottle of Stoke LLB at the 19th hole to refresh themselves after a round or two. It’s a gluten-free beverage made with no preservatives, and a drink that’s sure to revitalise both body and soul!

Stoke Lemon Lime & BittersAverage Quantity Per Serve 330mlAverage Quantity Per 100ml
Energy 472kj 143kj
Protein <0.3g <0.1g
Fat 0.3g 0.1g
Carbohydrate 27g 8.2g
-Sugars 21.78g 6.6g
Sodium 11.88mg 3.6mg
Gluten (Gluten free) <3ppm <3ppm
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