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Meet the Team.

The Stoke Team

Phire-Lee (Lee) Thompson

Bottling Crew

Peter Hatton

Plant Engineer

Colin Lott


Ondrej Vojta


Roger Hemmingway

Production Engineer

Sergio Lobos


Alan Goodman

Bottling Crew

Rob Marshall

Master Brewer

Rob Neale

Brewery Cellar Hand

Annie Reddington

Sales Administrator

Andrew Heyes

Brewer's Assistant

Graham Watson

Warehouse Crew (twice out of retirement)

Mike Crimp

Bottling Hall Foreman

Sam Wilson

Head Brewer

Scott McCashin

In Market Representative

Wendy Sawyer

Production Planner

Joe Kiriona

Bottling Crew

Brian Wadsworth

Warehouse Head Honcho

Justine Parsons

Finance and Administration Manager

Cillia Tanoa

Warehouse Crew

Andrew Murray

General Manager

Dean McCashin

Operations Manager

Alex Tzinavos

Bottling Crew

Emma McCashin

Customer Liaison

stoke team 940

(Left) Phire-Lee (Lee) Thompson, Peter Hatton, Colin Lott, Ondrej Vojta, Roger Hemmingway, Sergio Lobos, Rob Marshall, Annie Reddington, Graham Watson, Mike Crimp, Sam Wilson, Scott McCashin, Wendy Sawyer, Brian Wadsworth, Justine Parsons, Cillia Tanoa, Andrew Murray, Dean McCashin, Emma McCashin, Alex Tzinavos, Rob Neale

(Front) Alan Goodman, Andrew Heyes, Joe Kiriona.